About BSP

Brown Science Prep's Mission

Our mission is to show high school students the excitement of science through interactive, hands-on lessons. Our program is completely free, provides free breakfast, and is open to all high school students.

What Do We Do?

Every Saturday, high school students from all over Rhode Island come to Brown to participate in BSP. We do science experiments and demo-based lessons in an informal environment. Some of our past lessons have included dissecting a fetal pig, learning about the brain, and discovering the science behind candy. We also meet in small groups to talk about what college is like and how to prepare for the application process. At the end of the semester, we bring in Brown scientists to talk to students about their research, career paths, and passion for science.

Check out this article the Brown Daily Herald wrote about us!

A Typical Saturday

10:30 Students arrive at Brown and eat breakfast while talking to our mentors.

11:00 Lesson of the week! Students do experiments and participate in demos during the entire lesson.

Spring 2019 Lessons

Microbes in the Gut!

BSP is kicking off Spring 2019 with an awesome lesson about the billions of organisms that live inside you -- and how you can study them!

Science of Habit Formation

Learn about habit formation, bad habits, addiction, and the psychology + biological reasons why these things exist!

[Lesson Cancelled]
Food Science

Due to the anticipated 3/2 snowfall, this BSP lesson has been cancelled. Stay tuned for a potential make-up day for the Food Science lesson!

Forensics: Science of CSI

Solve a real-life mystery using forensics techniques rooted in psychology, biology, and chemistry. Watch videos, analyze fingerprints, and figure out who did it!

3D Printing

Learn about the physics of 3D printing and practical applications like medicine!

Bioluminescence: Organisms that Glow and Glitter

Learn about the real-world organisms that produce light, and create amazing environments like a glowing ocean!

BSP End of Year Party!

Join us for an end of the year celebration with your fellow classmates and mentors! Exact details TBD soon :)

Become a part of BSP!

To join our program, simply fill out appropriate forms below and bring them to the next Saturday lesson. There is no fee associated with the program. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

BSP Forms

Fill out these forms to be a part of BSP! Please note that there are two parent forms -- the Release & Waiver Form and the Media Permission Slip.

Parent Forms

Student Forms

Mentoring Program Forms

These forms are not required for "normal" BSP, only the mentoring program!

Brown Science Prep is thrilled to launch our new one-on-one mentoring program. This program will pair current high schooler seniors with BSP mentors for two years (i.e. through seniors' first year out of high school). For more information, see the details on the release form (or feel free to email us at brownscienceprep@brown.edu. You can either fill out this online form for the mentoring program, or print out and complete the two forms below (either way is fine!).

Application Form

Release Form


Mentor Applications

Mentor applications are closed for Spring 2019. Check back in the Fall :)

Location and Contact

Our lessons are typically in Friedman Hall, located on the Main Green of Brown's campus!

Directions to Friedman Hall

Please reach out at brownscienceprep@brown.edu. We'd love to hear from you!